130,000 words or “only a 500 page book”. I was disappointed, frankly. But it is what it is.


This week, we helped our friends at Helsinki Design Lab launch an archive of the all of the materials they created during their five-year run. The archive includes some beautifully designed and extremely information dense books, a series of posters, videos and 130,000 words documenting the day to day operations of the lab.

HDL’s goal was to promote the idea of strategic design, or the application of design processes to big picture problems like health care, sustainable development, and climate change.

This archive represents a very valuable collection of material for designers and large organizations who want to work with designers to solve big problems.

Start exploring the HDL archives here.

(XOXCO worked with HDL and Rumors Studio to design and develop the HDL site using our PeoplePods framework. More information about the original project can be found here.)